There is a joy to experience when writing about Sense of Place. I take my time, find an idea or place I want to write about; then I allow myself to write deeply, creatively, descriptively and with literary intent. I like to play with words about Place; enjoy the luxury of creating visually stimulating and eloquent sentences, in the same way as I would compose a photograph. There is a gifting that comes from writing well about place, place-making, architecture and spatial design, and the life that grows organically from landscape, food, culture, music and all the good things! Not to mention the absolute joy of looking back to travel experiences and reliving them as you write!
I offer 'travel writing' workshops and talks about - 'The Joy of Writing about Sense of Place!' 
Writing about Sense of Place can range from writing about growing vegetables to writing about the street markets where local vegetables are sold.    

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